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Decentralized exchange platform for bonus points

SLP is a decentralized platform for loyalty programs, with a blockchain based bonus point exchange, dedicated loyalty token wallets and a targeted marketing engine. join whitelist whitepaper
SLP Network Joins Cindicator Symbiotic Network of Companies
CoinPost News about the SLP Network
Reclaiming unused bonus points are like finding a $20 in your coat pocket.
"How Blockchain is Disrupting the World Market" - article by Leonid Shangin, CEO & Founder of the SLP Network
Starbucks could gain an edge with loyalty as they get ready to turn competition into a brawl.
"How Blockchain Can Boost Retail Loyalty" - article by Leonid Shangin, CEO & Founder of the SLP Network
01 Problem

SLP Platform aims to resolve major inefficencies in current methods of loyalty program operations and processing and make loyalty programs a more engaging, meaningful and rewarding experience for both businesses and customers.


The SLP Platform aims to resolve major inefficiencies in current methods of loyalty program operations and processing, making loyalty programs a more engaging, meaningful and rewarding experience for both businesses and customers.

Problem one 54
% Loyalty memberships are inactive As more consumers participate in brand loyalty programs, more loyalty points are going unclaimed — a recent survey by Bond Brand Loyalty records $100 billion in unused points. The abandonment trend - where members decide a loyalty program isn’t worth their time - is increasing.
Problem two 59
% Customers ignore irrelevant loyalty communications Regardless of which type of loyalty program model businesses use, consumers are more demanding than ever. Weak connection with customers can result in losing those who join but fail to participate and customer attrition where customers perception of program value has declined over time.
02 slp journey


SLP will implement an infrastructure through which businesses can issue, process and use tokenized loyalty points on a distributed blockchain platform. This will enable customers to exchange bonus points using the platform's primary currency, SLP tokens, and spend earned bonus points on rewards and products that matter to them personally. The result: brand loyalty experiences that are more efficient, interactive and engaging.
DISCOVER Discover and engage with new brands and loyalty programs on the SLP platform.
EARN Earn brand-specific tokenized bonus points - loyalty tokens - by interacting with brand loyalty channels.
EXCHANGE Use the SLP token to exchange earned loyalty tokens between programs and funnel them towards the most relevant and interesting rewards.
TARGET As a partner, use the activity data to make communications more efficient, eliminating spam and offering further value to consumers.


SLP enables the trade of bonus points from various loyalty programs by introducing a secure and fast loyalty token marketplace, providing a whole new customer engagement channel for businesses and making the benefits of rewards programs much more valuable to customers.

Data collected from transactions performed by customers is bundled and provided to merchants and brands, driving personalized, direct, and efficient marketing, lowering costs and facilitating effective, direct interaction between businesses and consumers.
A mobile application for customers enables discovery, earning, accrual and exchange of loyalty points for brand-platform participants
1 Secure and anonymous wallets for SLP and loyalty point tokens
2 Fast marketplace for cross-brand exchange with community-driven rates
3 Smart contract-based offers and reward redemption
04 key features


The SLP platform will implement an infrastructure in which SLP token users, loyal customers and businesses co-exist in a shared blockchain platform. Customer data, tokens, transactions and loyalty program triggers will flow between entities, through business-specific smart contract layers. Transactions will be processed by trusted nodes, selected by consensus among the businesses-token issuers who are present on the platform.
User Friendly Transaction Speed Federated consensus protocol ensures that all transactions are validated and added to the block in a timeframe that allows fluid loyalty user interfaces to be created.
Tolerant Brokerage Fees Blockchain fees are lowered and stabilized at a rate that allows acceptable fees on microtransactions and processing fees that are clear and predictable for businesses.
Marketplace Independence Partner bonus points exchange rates are dependant purely on supply and demand and are limited by real-world bonus points value.
Data Anonymity and privacy Transaction values are FHE encrypted and anonymised to enable processing by independent blockchain nodes, without compromising business-related data privacy.


Our roadmap includes technology development, operational infrastructure installment, signing partnerships and launching marketing initiatives. We present the preliminary roadmap here. Dates and activities may be subject to change.
SLP team founded SailPlay and raised angel financing from Altair VC
SailPlay acquired 25+ clients across multiple verticals
SailPlay raised a second round of funding from Flint Capital
SailPlay is used by 50+ clients, including Papa John’s, Volkswagen and others
SailPlay opened its second office in NYC
SLP concept created
SLP got confirmed interest from leading global and national retail businesses, restaurants and airlines
Summer 2018
SLP to conduct an ICO Vision of the project is finalized, final whitepaper version is released. SLP Token is deployed on the Ethereum platform and a public crowdsale is commenced.
Development of the SLP platform SLP Blockchain platform for loyalty token operations and loyalty token marketplace is being developed. Reference implementations of business and client sides of the SLP Application are released. Data privacy principles PoC.
Development of the SLP SDK for businesses B2C SLP Token Wallet App, B2B Token Management App and B2B APIs and Webhooks are developed. SLP Blockchain Testnet is launched. First business partners are connected to the platform.
Development of consumer apps and interfaces Reward redemption interface with redemption confirmation by QR codes/SMS is developed. Loyalty Token exchange is introduced to the Token Wallet App. Analytics tools are added to the B2B App. Private launch of the SLP Blockchain Mainnet for partners-early adopters.
Launch Customer applications are publicly launched. Loyalty Token exchange begins operations. The ERC20 compatible SLP token is exchanged 1-to-1 with a native SLP token.
Expansion and growth of the ecosystem to other markets and geographies.
06 Advisors
MIKE BRUSOV Advisor, Product & Community Management With 7+ years of experience in Big Data, Machine Learning and FinTech IT products for B2C&B2B markets, Mike has served as a Founder and Product Owner and CEO of Cindicator ($230m Market Cap).
Christopher Wynne Advisor CEO & Founder of PJ Western, a Papa John’s Master Franchise in 5 Countries, Papa John’s largest franchisee worldwide.
IGOR LIVANT Advisor, Fundraising With more than 17 years in financial services and consulting, Igor has worked as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, an Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, as the leader of his own consulting firm and currently works as VP for Investments at TELF AG, a commodity trading firm.

Igor’s extensive experience has given him advanced practical knowledge of financial management, capital raising, management consulting, and mergers & acquisitions.

DMITRY SHMAKOV Advisor, Marketing Previously with The Token Fund as Head of Marketing and with ChronoPay as VP of Marketing and Business Development, Dmitry has 12 years’ experience in PR for fintech companies.

07 team experience sailplay clients


SLP brings together a team of highly skilled professionals in the field of IT loyalty solutions, with broad combined experience worldwide on cutting-edge technology innovations.
6 Sales and Marketing
7 Research and Development
7 Project management
5 Executive team
LEONID SHANGIN Founder Leonid is CEO & Co-Founder of SailPlay. An experienced retail and technology professional, Leonid draws on his previous experience with McKinsey & Company and Rocket Internet.
MICHAEL SHTEFAN Product Michael is a technology and innovation expert who has managed international projects for the largest clients at SailPlay and was previously with Intel.
ALEKSANDR BELOUSOV Operations Alexander has 7+ years of leading technical teams and building products. He has founded and sold two IT companies.
WILLIAM SHANAROV Technology William has 6+ years in development, leading teams of 20+ engineers. He is experienced with the development of high availability SaaS platforms, IT Infrastructures for scalable high load projects, scaling data storages and parallel computing.
DAVE FREEDMAN U.S. Expansion Dave is a Sales & Marketing strategist with a background in both enterprise software and advertising, who is passionate about helping organizations to understand how they can utilize technology to increase revenue.
ALEXEY BENKO Finance A Finance and Audit professional, Alexey brings 6 years of experience from his roles at KPMG, working with 30+ technology and telecommunications companies.
PAVEL MYSIN Russia Expansion A senior management and business development professional with 5 years’ experience in the marketing and customer loyalty industries, Pavel previously managed the Moscow office of SailPlay.
DAVID KORFF Project management David is a full stack developer with experience in managing global technology projects. He has a proven track record in creating operational efficiencies within organizations.
SERGEI SHANGIN Business Development Sergei is an experienced professional with significant experience in the Retail sector. Previously with Rocket Internet and CVS Health, Sergei is currently an MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management.
OLEG KHOKHLOV Legal With a decade of experience in corporate law and financial advisory services, Oleg currently serves as a Partner at Goltsblat BLP, a cross-border provider of legal services and member of Berwin Leighton Paisner, an international law firm with about 504 lawyers, including more than 200 partners based across 14 offices.
Team Experience
SailPlay Clients
The team of SLP has gained first-hand, practical experience in the customer loyalty industry while developing and growing SailPlay, an international venture-backed customer loyalty platform with offices in New York City and Moscow and a client base exceeding 100 companies, worldwide. Five years’ operating experience in the customer loyalty sector helped to identify major inefficiencies and abuses in the industry’s current construct. SLP perceives a large opportunity to disrupt the customer loyalty industry by establishing a decentralized and fair ecosystem, allowing businesses to build fast and effective loyalty programs and consumers to increase the value of loyalty programs they participate in.


Payment methods BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, USD (bank transfer)
Token exchange rate 1 USD = 100 SLP tokens
Total token supply (max) 4,000,000,000
Min purchase 0.1 ETH
join whitelist
The token distribution
  • ICO participants 60%
  • Team (subject to vesting and lock-up) 15%
  • Advisors, early supporters, bounty 5%
  • Reserve Fund 20%
60% ICO participants
15% Team (subject to vesting
and lookup)
5% Advisors, early
supporters, bounty
20% Reserve Fund
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